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Nationwide Carpet Cleaning's Services For Boynton Beach Florida

We are your local carpet cleaning company

Nationwide Carpet Cleaning of Boynton Beach knows you are looking for a quality job with competitive prices. Some things to expect from us is upfront pricing on the phone and a technician that wont double your price upon arrival. We provide deep cleaning every time. We refuse to play the game some of our competitors do and quote you a “basic cleaning” over the phone and tell you that you need a “deep clean” when we arrive. We DO NOT sub contract. This means you will get the same level of carpet cleaning quality every-time.

Our only focus is to provide you with clean carpets and remove stains that other companies could not. We can do this because we use brand name chemicals with the best equipment money can buy inside our vans. We cut no corners, we clean them. When we clean you will see actual steam! If you decide not to go with use, take note if “hot water” or steam is coming out of the wand of the company you selected. A lot goes into being the best. We maintain our equipment like no other carpet cleaning company. Each van is inspected from top to bottom before they are sent out for the next day. This meticulous maintenance and service allows us to be the best carpet cleaning company and keep a level of consistency you read about on Google, Yelp, Bing and Yahoo. This is why Nationwide Carpet Cleaning of Boynton Beach is the highest rated company in Palm Beach County. We provide the best carpet cleaning. Our 240 degrees of steam can help remove harmful bacteria and molds that may have accumulated in the fibers of your carpet. This steam goes deep into the fibers allowing us to extract allergens and debris. Our equipment and tools give your carpet a complete rinse, leaving nothing behind except a clean carpet. When it comes to your home, do not take a chance. Call Nationwide Carpet Cleaning of Boynton Beach, we are the professionals you seek.

We offer carpet cleaning for high rise buildings ( Portable Units ) 

​Unlike many of the typical carpet cleaners in the area. Nationwide Carpet Cleaning of Boynton Beach can easily access high rises (condos, apartments, office buildings, cubicles, sky rises or skyscrapers) regardless of what floor the job might be on. We have portable units for specific jobs.  There won't be any issue getting our equipment in your building to clean your carpets, rugs or upholstery. Please make sure when scheduling an appointment, you let the scheduler know you are in need of a portable unit. Our preferred method of cleaning is using our truck mount system. We will need to make sure we have one available for the day and time you are requesting. Call us to schedule your high rise carpets today!