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All Carpet cleaners in Boynton Beach are not the same.  Read why we are different!

When we come into your home our goal is to make sure you feel comfortable and secure that your carpet is in good hands. Our technician will explain the cost before we start, tell you the process in what we plan to do and get to work. We use both truck mounted carpet cleaning and portable carpet cleaning for those hard to reach locations (high rise condominiums and office buildings) . We have extensive knowledge of fabrics and stains. We can clean any fabric and can check the PH level of stains to make sure we use to correct chemical to achieve the highest change of removal. Given we use only the best equipment, it goes without saying, we use the best products to use to achieve the maximum results. Never will you have to worry about breathing in any dangerous or harmful chemicals. We place safety above all else, we only use safe and non toxic chemicals to clean your carpet. Our carpet cleaning process is like no other and we know we can get your carpets cleaned like no other company can.

Why use us for your carpet cleaning in Palm Beach county?

Every one of our truck mounts are equipped exactly as seen in our pictures. We spared no expense because you deserve the cleanest carpets possible. Our promise to you is that the truck mount seen here is the truck mount you will get. We don’t take a picture of our best carpet cleaning van and sub contract it to an inferior provider. We want to establish a relationship with our customers that last for years. We place quality above all else.  Nationwide carpet cleaning in Boynton Beach stands apart from our competition by using innovative techniques coupled with the best equipment available. Our carpet cleaning equipment will far surpass that of our competitors. Our older equipment is sold to competitors as they age, we always keep our equipment new allowing us to achieve the highest temperature for the best carpet cleaning available. Our Carpet cleaning provides an antiseptic quality to the carpets and upholstery being cleaned. We recommend those suffering from allergies and asthma to have their carpets cleaned regularly as they will appreciate the health benefits.

We offer carpet cleaning for high rise buildings
( Portable Units ) 

Unlike many of the typical carpet cleaners in the area. Nationwide Carpet Cleaning of Boynton Beach can easily
​access high rises (condos, apartments, office buildings, cubicles, sky rises or skyscrapers) regardless of what floor
​the job might be on. We have portable units for specific jobs.  There won't be any issue getting our equipment in your building to clean your carpets, rugs or upholstery. Please make sure when scheduling an appointment, you let the scheduler know you are in need of a portable unit. Our preferred method of cleaning is using our truck mount system. We will need to make sure we have one available for the day and time you are requesting. Call us to schedule your high rise carpets today

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